“NO” for the White Hunger

IMGP8888Agne's poetry to White RabbitSome bread to Birds. Forestry Officer's information. Biology Teacher's request... Oh, it's so delicious...Some information about forestry for Forestry OfficerBig portion for the White Rabbit Food for animalsBill for "NO for the White Hunger" The White Rabbit called to biology teacher Valentas Ramonas and said that there is very cold to all birds and animals of the forest and they have nothing to eat. It is really cold winter this year in our country! The teacher told about this bad situation in the forest to students and they decided to make an action which was called „NO for the White Hunger!”. Everyone, carried bags of fruits, vegetables and grains for wild animals and birds. This action lasted all week and finally, the biology cabinet was full of food. On the 4th of February, some volunteers carried all food to the School Bus and road to the forest of Satkūnai. They met assistant of the forestry officer and she told them about works in the forest, what kind of trees will be planted in spring and how animals feel in winter. After that, she showed where to put all food that animals can easily find it. After students emptied all bags and played a funny snow war, they all got on the School Bus and happily came back to Joniškis.

Agne and Vilija.

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